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Who is super agent Frank Benjamin?

A man of sinister means! Super Agent Frank Benjamin combs through the streets of Los Angeles and the classifides in search of jizzmop whores to pimp out. He jackpots around with these vile fuck pigs as they swallow his load, and clean his ass hole with their tongues. All for the promise of filthy cash.
Super Agent Frank Benjamin is a god amongst men. Long live Frank Benjamin!



Jaslin Diaz

Frank met this tasty little morsel at the local movie theather when he was at the concession stand trying to order up some popcorn. He swooped her up with a few quick lines from his patented playbook and took her back to his place where he would be 'auditioning' her for his new movie. He made quick use of his 'audition' time as he fucked her mouth and her pussy and tossed her aside like yesterdays newspaper when he was done with her.

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Ruby Knox

Ruby is a fresh faced teen I met as some dance club. I was working my mojo on some other whore when I spotted this slut in the corner of my eye. I ditched the chick I was talking to and made my way to this fine young latina and made the introduction. I told her I was the one and only Frank Wank and she seemed impressed by my confidence. I told her to ditch this club and dance her way back to my place. She agreed. We fucked. I ditched her ass when it was over.

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Charley Chase

I put out an ad in the local newspaper looking for 'models who wanted to be rich and famous' and of course I got near a hundred replies...because most women are whores. Anyways, one reply in particular that stood out was Charley. She sent in a pic of her topless and those tits and those thighs....I had to have her over for an 'audition'. I called her up, ran through the I'm
gonna make you rich and famous scenario and in no time she was back at my pad ready and willing to do whatever it took to be the next big thing.

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Sophia Layne

I met Sophia at the library..yes you read it right..the library. Frank Wank does get his reading on then and again. Anyways I found this book worm hottie reading up a storm and I had to introduce myself. I told her I was making an independent movie and that she would be perfect as the lead. Naturally I want to book(no pun intended) her for the scene. I led her back to my place where i promptly auditioned her tight little pussy and mouth. After I auditioned her, I promptly kicked her bookworm, Shakespeare reading ass to the poetic

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Jade Dream

Jade is a hot 18 year old teen slut that Frank met while at the orthodontist. Frank was getting his bi-yearly check up and found this little tramp in the corner giggling. He approached her and seduced her with his tales of fame fortune and celebrity. Undoubtedly she couldnt refuse Frank's offer to audtion her back at his 'studio'. Little did she knew that the audition consited of sucking and fucking....for free of course.

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Whitney Stevens

I was chillaxin at the local mall sipping on my Orange Bang when this big titty teen strolled by. We made eye contact and I seduced her with my intense glare as I stepped to her and gave her my one-minute patented Frank Wank Closer. Undoubtedly she was back at my place in no time sucking and fucking my dick in hopes that she would become the next Jenna Jameson. Like all the other whores, I quickly disposed of her when I used her up and busted a huge Frank Wank style load in her mouth.

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